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Alltime is a trademark owned by Faceid Australia


We specialise in time clocks, time recorders, calculating clocks, date/time stamps, time cards, bells, sirens, digital timers/relays, face recognition systems, card racks, batteries, and other accessories in the employee time attendance industry. We have grown, been testing and using the latest technologies, preparing for and meeting the global changes in cost effective delivery of quality products to our customers with the most competitive price, whilst increasing our customer service and the speed of delivery for our services and goods to our customers.

From the basic Alltime AT900A Time Recorder package
Package deal:
Programmed ready
Optional Bell-Siren
UPS battery pack
Free delivery & GST
To the ultimate Instant Face Recognition system
Main features:
Fast dual-scan
Up to 500 staff
Precise -authentication
View in Excel
PC software
Hot deals
Andeli Loud Siren 105db Steel motorized Siren 240V
240V 105db output
For smoko, lunch
Up to 32 rings
Distance 150 metres
3 - 30 seconds
Mounting bracket
3 pin plug-in assembly
8 Hr continues rating
From $99
Package deal: GST and Post Satchel fast delivery.
Nippo Timeboy7 Calculating Time Clock made in Japan
Calculating clock
Up to 50 staff
Suits dusty conditions
Wall mounting supplied
Auto feed and eject
Longlife print ribbon
Made in Japan
1 Year Warranty
From $253
Package deal: 20-slot wall-mount card rack, 300 Calcolo timecards, GST and Post Satchel fast delivery.
Seiko QR-350 Time Clock
Seiko dependability
Up to 50 staff
4-column shift
5-year memory, battery backup
Weekly Fortnightly Monthly
From $440
Package deal: 20-slot wall-mount card rack, 200 timecards, bonus extra free $44 print ribbon, GST and Post Satchel fast delivery.
Clock only: